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Your Guide to Paleo

About this Documentary

Doctors, nutritionists, chefs, bloggers, authors and entrepreneurs from 4 countries share why they choose to go against conventional health wisdom to promote paleo.

” The film also reflects on how the characters were profoundly transformed by their new way of life and became passionate about promoting the Paleo lifestyle through their business as a means for others to achieve optimal health.”

Our feature documentary intends to spread the Paleo message and raise public awareness about this healthy alternative to the Standard American/Western Diet (SAD). The film presents the basic tenets of the Paleo movement through the eyes of various characters who have adopted the lifestyle and have thrived ever since. Common misconceptions about the lifestyle are also addressed.


Filmmaking is pretty much like a marathon:
it’s a long, challenging process that needs you to pace yourself to avoid hitting the wall. Once you cross that finish line,however, the highly satisfying (and indescribable) feeling of accomplishment can only be compared to pure bliss…

  • Pre-Production

    September 2013 to March 2014
    This step is crucial as it entails preparing and organizing our shoot as much as possible. Finding crew members, building a sound schedule and realistic overall budget, hiring gear and booking accommodation are amongst the long list of things pertaining to pre-production.

  • Crowdfunding

    March to mid-April 2014
    This is an indie documentary and thus we need YOUR help to help us raise 100K USD and make it happen. To be notified when our Indiegogo campaign is launched, simply enter your email address above!

  • Production

    from May 2014 to April 2015
    We finally get to business! This is where all the action, traveling and jet lag takes place. Our skeleton crew will be filming, so far, in Austin (Texas, USA), Olympia (WA, USA), London (UK), Harrogate (UK) and Berlin (GER.). Production and crowd funding will overlap for about 10 days or so, which is bound to make for interesting video updates for our crowd funding team to post on Indiegogo. Whilst the core of our filming will take place in 2014, we do have some more shots to capture in spring of 2015.

  • Post-Production

    Around December 2015 to July 2015
    We’re making a GREAT looking documentary for half the price! How? We’re doing a lot of the editing ourselves and have hired film professional friends to whom we’ll owe the world after this. This phase includes: synching the footage, editing, motion graphics and SFX, music composing and synching, color correction, stereo audio remix, legal clearances, formatting the film for various mediums (online, theatrical, etc.)

  • Release

    Sometime in 2015
    Drumroll please… We have high ambitions for our documentary and we’re currently planning a small art house theatrical release in the US and other countries. We also plan to make the full feature available online by the end of the year.

Confirmed Interviews

Darryl Edwards

Based in London, England, Darryl is a blogger, international speaker and author of “Paleo Fitness – Primal Training and Nutrition To Get Lean, String and Healthy.” He is recognised as the leading exponent of the Paleo lifestyle in the UK.

Darryl EdwardsFounder of Fitness Explorer Training & NutritionThe Fitness Explorer
Michelle Norris

Michelle Norris is a self-taught, life-long gourmand and now a trained chef with a love for coaching others on the finer points of achieving true kitchen mojo. A burning desire to re-write food policy on a national level as a ”credentialed” food crusader has her currently pursuing a degree in Culinary Arts. Michelle is well known as a major sponsor of Paleo f(x)™ as well as co-founder and co-owner of Paleo f(x)™ Austin Partners, producers of the highly acclaimed and popular Paleo f(x)™ annual convention (2012-2014).

Michelle NorrisCo-Founder of Paleo f(x)™ and co-Owner of Instinct Catering, Austin, UNITED-STATES.Paleo f(x)
Cain Credicott

Diagnosed in 2008 with Celiac disease, Cain Credicott immediately took on a strict gluten-free diet with the goal of healing his damaged gut. Fast forward a couple of years post-diagnosis, and Cain stumbled upon some information online explaining this thing called “the Paleo diet.” It didn’t take long for him to try it, and immediately positive results showed: he gained muscle mass and almost eliminated his gut issues. Cain was so happy about his return to health that he was inspired to create Paleo Magazine.

Cain CredicottFounder & Editor of Paleo Magazine, Bend, UNITED-STATES.Paleo Magazine
Dr. John Briffa

Dr. Briffa is a practicing medical doctor, author and international speaker, with an interest in the Paleo lifestyle and diet. Most importantly he is a leading authority on the impact of nutrition and other lifestyle factors on health and illness, focusing on providing individuals with information and advice in order to take control of their health. He has also been published in the Daily Mail, Observer, and Men’s Health.

Dr. John BriffaM.D., Author and International Speaker, London, UNITED KINGDOM.Dr Briffa
Boris Leite-Poço

In two years, Sauvage founder Boris has gone from living in the back of his restaurant in the Bohemian Berlin neighborhood of NeuKölln, to being recognized as the pioneer of Paleo fine-dining. Constantly refining the concept and adjusting to meet the expectations of discerning customers, his leadership has turned Sauvage into a continuously profitable business and a worldwide brand. Sauvage opened in 2011 and is officially the world’s FIRST paleo restaurant. 

Boris Leite-PoçoCo-Founder & Executive Director of Sauvage, Berlin, GERMANY.Sauvage
Rodrigo Leite-Poco

Rodrigo is the fermentation master at Sauvage and makes Sauvage’s bread rise despite the absence of yeast! Born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Rodrigo’s childhood was filled with Brazilian traditional cuisine and Latin American street food. Ever the mad scientist, turns food into soaps and skin cream, and is always working on something surprising and delicious with the help of his microscopic friends.

Rodrigo Leite-PocoCo-Founder & Fermentation Master of Sauvage, Berlin, GERMANY.Sauvage
Johannes ‘Jay’ Kwella

Born and raised in Berlin, ‘Jay’ has always been extremely sporty throughout his life. This love for physical activities led Johannes to his quest to find the best nutrition possible. During his studies to become a certified Personal Trainer, Jay worked in nightclubs until he discovered CrossFit and Paleo in 2010. His life transformation inspired him to open the Burpees CrossFit Gym with a business partner. Johannes has found great success with the Berlin- based gym and his YouTube channel called “Joe Paleo TV” where he dispenses fitness tips and cooks for an ever-growing base of followers.

Johannes ‘Jay’ KwellaCrossfit Trainer & co-Founder of Burpees Gym, Berlin, GERMANY.Burpees Gym
Dr. Patricia Sylwester

Patricia attended Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, and has practiced medicine in Olympia for 30 years. She owned Pacific Walk-In Clinic for ten years and is currently finishing her Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. A passionate enthusiast of ancestral healing, Patricia and Michael, her partner in life and co-Founder of Wellness Olympia, are building Vital Rejuvenation, a wellness clinic based in Olympia, WA, founded on the principles that diet and exercise habits are the least expensive and most rewarding choices we make daily that affect our overall health. 

Dr. Patricia SylwesterM.D., Co-Founder of Wellness Olympia, Olympia, UNITED-STATES.Wellness Olympia
Irena Macri

Best known for her paleo-inspired book, “Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook,” Irena is a passionate cook who draws on her love of world cuisines and all-natural ingredients to produce delicious recipes that promote wellness and longevity. She has built a loyal following and an enthusiastic community around her website Eat Drink Paleo.

Irena MacriBlogger & Author of Eat Drink Paleo, Sydney, AUSTRALIA.Eat Drink Paleo
Naomi Seifter

Naomi found the Paleo diet after nearly ten years of chronic health issues. In the years she struggled to reign in her health, Naomi gradually developed an appreciation for food as medicine. During her yoga studies, she adhered to a strict vegetarian diet, and while she believed in the principles, she struggled with chronic fatigue, digestive distress and hormonal imbalance, causing chronic adult acne and stress. After finally discovering Paleo, she feels as if she has reached a level of optimum health and wellness. Today, Naomi is the proud founder and General Manager of Picnik Austin and shares the gift of health and vitality with the great city of Austin, Texas. 

Naomi SeifterOwner & General Manager, Picnik Austin, Austin, UNITED-STATES.Picnik Austin
Simone Shifnadel

Simone is a self-taught chef who has worked in the food industry for 17 years, mostly for restaurants in New York and Connecticut, before relocating to San Francisco in 2007. In the Bay Area, Simone worked as a personal chef while launching her catering company, Zenbelly. During that same period, Simone discovered she had a pretty serious sensitivity to gluten. Discovering more about her food allergies changed her view of the business. Simone couldn’t imagine serving people food she hadn’t tasted, and recognized the tremendous need for gluten-free catering. All signs pointed to turning Zenbelly into a gluten-free catering company, proving that gluten-free and Paleo cuisine can be just as exotic, refined, and artfully presented as what one would find in a fine bistro.

Simone ShifnadelExecutive Chef & Founder of Zenbelly Catering, San Francisco, UNITED-STATES.Zenbelly
Pete Davis

Pete is the cheeky chap-of-the-pack co-founder of The Naked Ape. He is also co-owner of CrossFit Hg3, a local CrossFit gym in Harrogate, and is a keen advocate of the Paleo way of life. As a qualified personal trainer, sports massage therapist, Olympic lifting coach and CrossFit-certified coach, Pete has a vast amount of knowledge and experience, which has been instrumental in the development of the Naked Ape product.

Pete DavisCo-Founder of The Naked Ape and CrossFit Hg3 Gym, Harrogate, UNITED KINGDOM.The Naked Ape
Mark Davis

Mark is the lumbering marketing guru of the Naked Ape office constantly working to push the company forwards and deliver the Paleo message to anyone that will listen. After gaining a marketing degree, Mark spent a few years working in that industry before deciding a change was needed, and a more fulfilling career in mental health began. Whilst at university, Mark’s eating habits and lifestyle were less than ideal and he soon found himself heavily overweight and disturbingly unfit… When his brother Pete, opened CrossFit HG3 and introduced him to the Paleo way of life, Mark decided to make a change and has never looked back.

Mark DavisCo-Founder of The Naked Ape, Harrogate, UNITED KINGDOM.The Naked Ape

What is Paleo?

  • Gluten free

    Gluten free

  • Grain free

    grain free

  • No processed foods

    no processed foods

  • Moderate dairy intake

    moderate dairy intake

  • Plant-centric nutrition

    plant-centric nutrition

Michelle from has put together a great description that captures the essence of eating Paleo:

In a nutshell, the Paleo diet (or, as I like to think of it, the Paleo template—the word “diet” tends to mislead folks into thinking this is nothing more than a temporary weight-loss program) is based on the notion that for optimal health, modern humans should go back to eating real, whole unprocessed foods that are more healthful than harmful to our bodies.

Over the past 200,000 years, humans have biologically adapted best to whole foods: plants, meat, seafood—all of them packed with the nutrients our bodies evolved to thrive on. Agriculture came on the scene a mere 10,000 years ago—a tiny fraction of our evolutionary history—and there simply hasn’t been enough time and evolutionary pressure for humans to completely adapt to eating modern foods like wheat, sugar, chemically processed vegetable and seed oils, and other “Neolithic” foods.

It’s not a coincidence that many modern diseases of civilization—including autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and rampant obesity—have accompanied the global spread of industrialized food. That’s why the Paleo approach emphasizes returning to a more ancestral approach to eating.