We’re proud to announce that the digital 2-week Eat Drink Paleo/We Love Paleo Meal Plan that comes with the purchase of our TRUE FAN Pack is just about finished and looking fabulous!

The Eat Drink Paleo team spared no time nor energy in creating this gorgeous meal plan, perfect for any foodie or anyone wanting to explore the paleo way of life.

The meal plan is complete with 53 pages of scrumptious recipes, calorific count and macronutrient data to boot! The TRUE FAN pack comes with the film, extended interviews, the soundtrack and of course the 2-Wk EDP Meal Plan… all at a ridiculously low early-bird price of $24.99USD.

Quick, go tell all your friends whilst this is still on!

Here’s a sneak peak below… to buy this, simply go here or here, to watch a snippets from our film.