Help raise awareness about healthy living:  become and affiliate for documentary We Love Paleo!


 or read below to find out more!

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What’s an affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who receives a commission on the sale of a product or service for having referred a new customer.


Who can become an affiliate for We Love Paleo?

Anyone really, so as long as your message is in alignment with ours.

If you have a blog or website you can post our embedded video on your website for people to click on and buy the film. However, we do have a strong preference for blogs that are in alignment with the values of the paleo/primal lifestyle and what our film stands for (i.e.: nutrition based on whole foods, promotion of healthy way of life, questioning health conventional wisdom and dogma, etc.).

If your blog doesn’t appear to promote what we stand for we may have to pass, unfortunately.


WIIFM? (stands for What’s In It For Me?)

Affiliate Revenue Share – Every time you receive a payment that was referred via an affiliate code (e.g., 25% of the total sale will go towards the Partner, a.k.a. YOU!


How do you set this up?

1. Let is know you’re interested by dropping us a line at hello AT welovepaleo dot com

2. We’ll set you up in no time using your name, email address and website URL.

3. Fill out your payment details when prompted by VHX, and voilà!


What else do you need from me?

Not much really, once all done you will have your unique referral code that will be added to the embedded video link. That’s it!


What does this look like? What if it’s ugly or doesn’t match my website design?

Not to worry: our design is very clean and suitable for most websites! Check out the image at the top of this post to see what it looks like on Fitsers’ homepage or go to:


What if I don’t want a video on my site, can I still be an affiliate?

Sure thing! We would provide you with an awesome image to promote We Love Paleo, instead.


Is there a contract that I need to sign or period of time that I need to do this for?

Nope, no contract. Also, it’s your website so how long you keep the link up is totally up to you!