Documentary Post Production Update

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Hi guys, Caroleen here.

If you found us a little quiet in the last few weeks, rest assure there’s a good reason for this: we’re hard at work editing We Love Paleo!

We wanted to take a moment however to fill you in on our editing progress and on what we have in store for you in the next few weeks.

First, despite being a micro team of 2 (and often 1.5) people, we are managing to cover good editing ground and are excited about what we’re seeing ‘come to life’ so far. Our composer, Ian Arber and us are currently putting a lot of thought in creating our ‘sound’ identity, for in our minds visuals and soundtrack are meant to be in symbiosis (and to be honest, I don’t know of a filmmaker who would tell you something different).

To say that this whole making-an-international-doc adventure is a piece of Paleo cake would be a big fat lie: the madness of taking on such a big project with such limited resources can only be explained by a genuine desire to bring massive awareness to this phenomenal lifestyle—and ultimately see our fellow human beings leading better more fulfilled lives. That the whole endeavor is fueled by our love for the film medium, our passion for storytelling and the excitement to be the first documentary on Paleo clearly labeled as such, also helps tremendously.

Over the last several weeks, we have seen our audience grow exponentially and emails from our followers have been multiplying. People are showing more and more interest and pre ordering our film packages and it is truly a privilege to be blessed with so much support. The fact that you guys are there, reading our posts and interacting and showing us the love everyday… It keeps us motivated and ‘pushing’ for that ultimate moment when we finally get to show you We Love Paleo on a big, medium or tiny screen!

Here’s what we have in store for you in the next couple of weeks…

Stay tuned for more video snippets!

We haven’t shown you anything since our 4-Minute Sneak Peak Introducing Naomi back in May (this year) and think it’s time we showed you some more! We’ll have at least two more cool excerpts to show you shortly, one of which features Cain Credicott of Paleo Magazine (seen in the screenshot above) and a handful of development updates as we delve further into the world of timelines, frames, waveforms, effects and color correction!

Along the way, we’ll also have some cool surprises that you guys are going to love plus more contests and fun stuff!

So, thanks again for your loyalty and if you haven’t done so yet…

Support independent filmmaking and grab We Love Paleo ahead of time, just go to:

Until next time… be well everyone ans have a fantastic week-end!

Caroleen, Indie filmmaker